Permanent hair removal is an interesting term...

...but is permanent hair removal even possible? Let's discuss laser, light-based treatment, electrolysis, waxing, sugaring and shaving and see how they compare to each other

There are numerous hair removal options including waxing, sugaring, depilation, laser and light-based hair removal for you to choose from depending on your hair removal needs and budget.

In my experience, none can be truly described as "permanent" hair removal options in the true sense of the word.

Only electrolysis can make the claim of true permanent hair removal but the other options can offer you cost-effective alternatives that might make you happy too.

Some hair removal options may need to be utilized several times (or more) to achieve desired results for the long term so your expectations need to be weighed alongside the cost of each option and the time involved.

On this site, I'll tell you about my experience with some of these options and will try to give you a sense as to hair removal choices that are available to you. These are my opinions based on years of research, however, if complement these with unbiased GroomNStyle Reviews

Why Consider Permanent Hair Removal?

There are a number of reasons why you might consider hair removal and specifically a permanent hair removal option to get rid of unwanted hair for good.

1. You simply want to get rid of unwanted hair: This is pretty self-explanatory and perhaps there really isn't anything more to it than that. If you have unsightly hair in a place where you'd prefer to have no hair or it's simply a nuisance and you're tired of having to shave, wax or use some other temporary method to get rid of it then perhaps the investment is worth it to you. Getting rid of the hair permanently means you've got one less thing to worry about, too.

2. You want increased self esteem: This is probably the big one for most people. Unwanted hair can be both annoying and embarrassing especially if it's in an embarrassing spot! Similar to the first option, the desire to achieve permanent hair removal may very well increase your self esteem if it's bothering you enough.

3. You want to save time: Hair removal is time consuming. Permanent hair removal means investing both time and money but if you get the long term results you're looking for, then perhaps it's worth it. The time you save in the long term might be well worth it especially when you consider the other benefits too.

4. You want to improve your look: Self esteem is one thing but looking better is something different because other people might notice. If you're a woman who wants to get rid of hair above your lip or a man who wants to get rid of back hair for example, you'd better believe other people will notice how great you look when that unwanted hair is gone for good.

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Looking For Laser Hair Removal?

Tired of endless shaving, waxing or depilating? Check out Hair Removal Forum, a leading resource for laser hair removal, one of the most effective treatments for permanent hair removal. With hundreds of laser hair removal doctors and informational articles on everything from bikini to facial hair removal, it's time to put down the razor and find out about lasers!

Hair Removal Blog
The Hair Removal Blog will keep you up to date with every addition and change to the website. Plus, we'll also discuss new developments related to hair removal.
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If you want body hair removal options, here are popular options including laser hair removal, pulsed light and electrolysis.
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Hair loss affects men and women. If you want to stop hair loss there are medical, surgical and other ways of treating it.
Male Body Hair Removal...The Growing Business Of Hair Removal For Men
Male body hair removal has exploded in popularity as guys realize that hair removal is not just for women. Hair removal for a man often utilizes the same options popular with women.
Hair Removal For A Woman...Female Hair Removal Options
Hair removal for a woman often involves the same procedures that men might use to remove unwanted hair but the reasons behind the hair removal might be different.
Laser Hair Removal...Hair Reduction Options With Laser
Laser hair removal systems are popular choices for hair reduction. If you have unwanted hair, they can be effective options to remove it.
Ruby Laser...The First Laser Hair Removal Option
The ruby laser was the first laser hair removal option and as such has the longest track record of all laser hair removal options.
Alexandrite Laser...A Newer Laser Hair Removal Option
The Alexandrite laser is a newer form of laser hair removal and is also a widely used option for those with light skin and dark hair who want to remove unwanted hair.
Diode Laser Hair Removal...The Most Popular Laser Hair Removal System
The Diode laser hair removal system is one of the newer and currently the most popular laser hair removal options.
Nd YAG Laser...Neodymium Yttrium Aluminum Garnet
The Nd YAG laser hair removal system is a relatively new hair removal technology.
IPL...Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal
IPL is a hair removal option that became popular during the 1990s for hair reduction of small to large areas.
Waxing Hair Removal...Hair Removal By Waxing
Waxing hair removal is a temporary option that can be done at home or through a professional. Hair removal by waxing remains a popular option to deal with unwanted hair.
Electrolysis...The Permanent Hair Removal Option
Electrolysis is the original unwanted hair remover and when done properly is the only true permanent hair removal option that exists. Electrolysis is best performed by a trained electrologist.
Sugaring Hair Removal...Body Sugaring To Remove Unwanted Hair
Sugaring hair removal is similar to waxing but does not involve using a heated substance. It can provide several weeks of unwanted hair removal.
Depilation...Depilatory Hair Removal For Unwanted Hair
Depilation is a temporary method of removing unwanted hair. Many depilatory hair removal options are available.
Shaving...Shaving Tips and Shaving Accesories
Shaving is something most men and women will do at some point in their lives and probably on a regular basis. Here are some thoughts regarding shaving options and the pros and cons involved.
Hair Tweezing...Tweezing Hair Removal
Tweezing refers to individually removing hairs with a pair of tweezers or forceps.
Hair Growth Inhibitors...Do They Slow Down Hair Growth?
Plenty of hair growth inhibitors exist on the market. Do they work?
Skin Type...What is Is Your Skin Type?
Skin type is an important indicator of how successful laser and light hair removal treatment will be. What is your skin type?
Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal...IPL Hair Removal
I decided to use an intense pulsed light hair removal option to remove excess hair. Here is my experience.
Hair Removal Tips...Hair Removal Advice To Consider
Hair removal tips is a page that discusses ideas and thoughts related to hair removal options you might be considering. Here are some things to consider before going ahead with hair removal.
Hair Removal Product Marketplace...Suggested Products For Hair Removal
The Hair Removal Product Marketplace is a great place to find hair removal products for yourself or someone you know.
Head Shaving...My Personal Experience Shaving My Head!
Head shaving is an increasingly popular temporary hair removal option for both men and women. Here is my head shaving experience.
Hair Articles...Various Articles On Hair Related Issues!
Hair articles related to hair, hair removal and hair reduction.
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I switched to an electric shaver many years ago and certainly see the benefits over using a manual blade razor.
Male Laser Hair Removal...Mens Laser Hair Removal Options
Male laser hair removal is an increasingly option for men to remove unwanted hair. Several choices exist.
Wax Hair Removal For A Man...Waxing Is No Longer Just For Women!
Wax hair removal for a man is a popular way for guys to get rid of unwanted hair. There are several waxing options available for men.
Male Back Hair Removal...Back Hair Removal Options For Men!
Male back hair removal is an increasingly popular option for men to rid themselves of unwanted hair. Gone are the days when shaving and waxing are the only choices, too.
Chest Hair Removal For A Man...Is It Just For Athletes?
Chest hair removal for a man used to be the sole domain of bodybuilders and swimmers but regular guys now choose to get rid of their unwanted chest hair.
Arm and Leg Hair Removal...Got Unwanted Arm and Leg Hair?
Arm and leg hair removal is an option for both men and women often for athletic or simply aesthetic reasons. What options are available?
Safety Razor...With More Blades And More Features Than Ever Before!
The safety razor continues to be reinvented with new features and more blades being offered. You can choose a cheap disposable or a higher end option with disposable cartridges.
Shaving Tips From A Guy Who Shaves His Face And Head!
Here are some shaving tips I have found uselful for shaving both my face and head. I discuss both electric and manuals shavers.
Facial Hair Removal For A Woman...What Options Are Available?
Facial hair removal for a woman is something that be attained with several options that offer temporary or longer term removal.
Facial Hair Removal For A Man...More Choices Than Just Shaving
Facial hair removal for a man has come a long way from simply using manual shavers. Here are some other male facial hair removal options.
Unwanted Facial Hair Removal...How Do You Achieve It?
Unwanted facial hair removal might involve shaving but there are other options available and new shaving technology entering the market all the time.
Goatee Grooming...Goatee Shaping, Trimming and Cleaning Tips!
Goatee grooming is an important part of growing a goatee and when done properly, does not take much time or effort.
Shaving Brush...Using A Shave Brush As Part of Your Shaving Regimen
A shaving brush can provide several benefits while face shaving. A shave brush kit often includes a brush, razor and stand to hold both devices.
Laser Hair Removal Cost...What Is The Cost of Laser Hair Removal?
Laser hair removal cost is one factor people need to consider when looking at laser hair removal.
Unibrow...Do You Have Monobrow Eyebrow?
Unibrow refers to when your eyebrows actually appear to be one solid line of hair rather than two distinct eyebrows. Also called monobrow, what can you do about it?
Beard Trimmer...A Tool For Trimming Facial Hair
A beard trimmer is a great tool for men to keep their facial hair in check. Whether you are growing a goatee, mustache or beard, a goatee trimmer helps to keep your facial hair neat and trim.
Shaving Cream and Shaving Gel For Manual Razors and Electric Shavers
Shaving cream and shaving gels have come a long way and are not just for manual razors anymore. Ever thought about getting a shaving gel-dispensing electric shaver?
Growing A Beard...How To Grow A Beard And Maintain It
The question of how to grow a beard is fairly easy to answer. The question of beard style and maintenance is the real question.
The Bikini Wax...Bikini Waxing And Brazilian Waxing
The bikini wax is a hair removal option that many women are familiar with and the Brazilian wax is an extreme version of it.
Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer...Nose and Ear Hair Removal For Men
Getting a nose and ear hair trimmer can be a nice and cheap option to get rid of unwanted nose hair and ear hair.
Chest Hair Trimming...Alternative Chest Hair Removal For Men
Chest hair trimming is an alternative to actually removing chest hair and can be a cheaper and less time consuming option for temporary hair removal.
Man Skin Care Products...Premium Hair And Skin Care Products For Men
Premium man skin care products are increasingly available for men. Here are some options for skin and hair care for men.
Laser Hair Removal In...Find Hair Removal Practitioners In Your Area
Finding a practitioner of laser hair removal in your home area will be based on the amount of competition available to you and the research you do to find them.
Exfoliation And Hair Removal
Exfoliation refers to gently removing dead skin from your body and is typically performed on body parts such as the face, chest, feet or back.
Goatee Shaping: Growing A Goatee and Maintaining It
Men often grow a goatee to simply change their appearance or to make up for a lack of hair on their head.
Permanent Laser Hair Removal...Are The Results Permanent?
Is there such a thing as permanent laser hair removal or are results temporary and will the hair grow back again?
Laser Hair Removal Treatment...The Effectiveness Of Lasers
Laser hair removal treatment success can depend on a number of different factors not the least of which are your own personal traits.
Laser Hair Removal Process...How Does It Work?
How does the laser hair removal process work and what does it entail?
Hair Removal Standards...Does Your Chosen Option Have Industry Standards?
Hair removal standards might be in place in your local area that govern how the service is delivered. Does your chosen hair removal option have industry standards that your practitioner must follow?
Hair Removal Skill...What Skills Are Required To Perform
Hair removal skill refers to the skill of the practitioner performing the hair removal.
Hair Removal Side Effects...Do You Know The Possible Side Effects?
Do you know what hair removal side effects exist for each option you are considering?
Hair Removal Marketing Claims... Are Not Always Honest Or Accurate.
Hair removal marketing claims need to be carefully read and you need to read between the lines to ensure you get the truth.
Hair Removal Treatment...Might Revolve Around A Plan Based On Your Hair Growth
Your hair removal treatment plan may be dependent on how quickly your unwanted hair grows back.
Hair Removal Pricing...Can Vary By Area So Shop Around
Hair removal pricing can vary by area so shop around for the best price. Doing your research is your best bet to find the best hair removal option.
Hair Removal Clinic...My Experience With Hair Removal
A hair removal clinic is where I chose to have hair removal done. Actually, it was a plastic surgeons office who offered hair removal procedures.
Hair Removal Government Approval
Hair removal government approval refers to the fact that some hair removal options have government approval for what they claim to offer.
Hair Removal...Hair Removal Treatment, Options and Reasons
Hair removal might be a goal of yours for several reasons and there are certainly different hair removal treatment options depending on your goals and budget.
Hair Piece...Also Known As A Toupee or Wig
A hair piece is an example of an old style hair loss solution that involves wearing a wig or toupee on top of your head to cover up your baldness.
Hair System...Non Surgical Hair Replacement For Men And Women
A hair system involves using human hair weaved into a base that is attached to your scalp with adhesives or glue in a semi permanent fashion. You have probably seen these products advertised on tv.
Hair Transplant Cost...Hair Transplantation And Hair Grafting Cost
Hair transplant cost can vary depending on the amount of hair to be transplanted and how much the practitioner charges compared to other suitable options.
Hair Transplant....Hair Transplantation And Hair Grafting
Hair transplant surgery has improved dramatically and offers men and women the opportunity to deal with hair loss.
Hair Loss Product...Hair Loss Products For Men And Women
A good hair loss product should help to reduce hair loss and ideally grow new hair but too many bad products are on the market that are not proven.
Female Hair Loss...Hair Loss For A Woman Does Happen
Female hair loss occurs for many women often later in life and could be for hormonal or other reasons. Treatments are available for womens hair loss.
Male Hair Loss...Male Pattern Baldness
Male hair loss or male pattern baldness is common for men but there are more treatments and options available to deal with thinning hair.
Goatee Shaping...How To Shape A Goatee
Goatee shaping does not have to be a difficult task. Here are some tips on how to shape a goatee.
Goatee Trimming...How To Trim A Goatee
Goatee trimming can be easily solved by following a few pointers. Here is how to trim a goatee.
IPL Hair Removal Process...The IPL Hair Removal System And How It Works
IPL hair removal is the process I chose to remove unwanted hair. It is not a laser hair removal process but it works in a similar fashion.
Tanning...Suntanning Or Using Self Tanning Products And Hair Removal
Tanning or using self tanning products can negatively affect hair removal results with certain hair removal treatments.
Anti Aging...Anti-Aging, Skincare And Hair Removal
Anti aging and skincare are related issues when it comes to hair removal. Here are some options if you are concerned about anti-aging and the effects of tanning.
Razor Burn...How I Avoid The Burning Feeling On My Skin!
Razor burn often occurs when shaving with a razor. I sometimes experienced razor burn with my electric razor, too. Here is how I avoid it.
Tattoo Removal...Getting Rid Of An Unwanted Tattoo
Tattoo removal has come a long way. Laser tattoo removal and light based removal are two options to get rid of unwanted ink.
Acne Scar Treatment...Using Laser And Light Based Treatment
There are a number of types of acne scar treatment including laser and light based treatments.
The Chemical Peel...Chemical Skincare Option
The chemical peel is typically performed by a determatologist or other medical professional who is trained and qualified.
Skin Rejuvenation...Anti Aging And Skincare Options For You
Skin rejuvenation is a general term that can refer to various anti-aging techniques and other options that can improve the look and feel of your skin.
Rosacea Can Be Treated With Laser Or Light Based Treatment
Rosacea can be treated with laser or light based treatment and there also topical treatments that can be utilized.
Thinning Hair...When I Started Losing Hair This Is What I Did
I started experiencing thinning hair in my early twenties. Here are some options for when you start losing your hair.
Hair Restoration...Hair Transplants And Hair Systems
Hair restoration might refer to hair transplant surgery or it could refer to restoring the look of a full head of hair using a non surgical procedure like a hair system.
Pubic Hair Removal...Pubic Hair Removal Options
Pubic hair removal, shaving pubic hair, waxing and other hair removal options.
Hair Removal Cream...Depilatories and Hair Removal Creams
Hair removal cream is a popular depilatory used to temporarily remove unwanted hair above the skin usually for a few days at best.
Ingrown Hairs...Dealing With An Ingrown Hair Problem
Ingrown hairs occur when a hair grows improperly causing a red bump to appear on your skin.
Hair Care...Haircare Problems And Concerns
Hair care problems such as dry hair, oily hair, hair loss and ingrown hairs are discussed on this page.
Lip Hair Removal...Upper Lip Hair Removal Options
There are several popular upper lip hair removal options but shaving is not one of them since it has to be done regularly to keep the hair free look.
Hot Wax Hair Removal Versus Unheated Wax Or Sugaring
Hot wax hair removal is one option but there is unheated wax and sugaring products that you might consider instead.
Nose Hair Removal...Why A Nose Hair Trimmer Is Your Best Bet
For nose hair removal, getting a good nose hair trimmer is probably your best bet.
Body Waxing...My Experience With Waxing Hair Removal
Body waxing using hair removal wax is a popular form of temporary hair removal. Sugaring can produce similar results but uses a sugar substance rather than wax.
Hair Growth Cycle...Hair Growth And Hair Removal
Your hair growth cycle can have implications on the schedule of your laser or light based hair removal treatment.
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